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Our Work

With our first-ever collaboration with the Fukrey Return team to running successful Influencer marketing & management; and gaming wings, our success rate has been 100%. The following are a few case studies of our success.

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Voot collaborated with Bollywood celebrities for their new show “ THE GONE GAME”

We executed this campaign by collaborating with 5 Bollywood creators to make one post each. The campaign garnered 19M+ total subscribers and 5.5M+ total views. 

Call of Duty collaborated with Indian's finest gamers

Highlighting every new update in the game, we brought together 18 gaming content creators to create 244+ videos which helped us generate 11M+ total views for Call of Duty. 


Hike Valentine's Day Campaign

Hike is our first client, and since 2017 we have been delivered many successful influencer marketing campaigns for them. For one of our projects with Hike

on the occasion of Valentine’s day, we used Hike Stickers to spread love through Instagram Influencers. The activity garnered 25M+ total views and 10M+ total subscribers. 

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